A car is a daily need who owns it. People spend a lot of money to buy their dream, a beautiful car. What if you notice your dream has become an unhygienic and life-threatening vehicle full with messes? Yes, it can happen due to less care and proper cleanup! As the cars tend to get dusty and messy over the time whether you use or not, so regular cleaning and maintenance is a must.

On its way or even when at the garage, a car gets in contact with different types of mess such as dust, wet dirt, mud, pet’s hair, food particles, etc. As keeping your car clean is regular maintenance, so figuring out the stuff which can do that thing when necessary.

Perhaps, you won’t disagree that a car vacuum cleaner is that right stuff! It cleans when you need and offers a compact cleaning service. Just grab a vacuum cleaner and follow some easy steps.

Few Other Tools

Make sure you have got the right tools, to clean your car you’ll need a good vacuum cleaner with different types of brushes, plastic bag, microfiber cloth. As you have the tools along with vacuum cleaner, now you can start vacuuming. Let’s know the steps on how to vacuum a car.

Step One: Seats and Floor Mats

Park your car in a place where you can get a large space to work. Open all the door of your car.

First of all, remove all the car mats and keep them in a dry place. Get a brush and clean the interior. After that, you have to get the vacuum cleaner out and start cleaning your car. If you could get a compressed air, you can blow up the dust under from your seat.

Push the seat back on the rails and lay the seat back towards the rear of the car. Start vacuuming underneath the seat. Vacuum the seats putting some pressure. You can use a brush with cleaner to bring out the dust. You can vacuum the dust while you are using a brush. You can use an air compressor to the corner for a better result.

Once the seats are vacuumed, concentrate on sucking dust and dirt from the floor mats which you removed earlier. Put the mouth of the hose above the mats and provide enough suction to grab suck all the dust. Also, you have to vacuum your car in both directions to ensure that you are removing all the dust.

Do not rush to wash your car, take your time and give your vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and hidden dust. If you use a good vacuum cleaner for your car, you can remove any hidden dust.

Step 2: Dashboard

Keeping a clean dashboard is very challenging. Firstly, you can use a brush to bring out the hidden dust then you can use your vacuum cleaner to do the rest. But be sure that you are not putting super-suction.

Instead, run the vacuum in gentle suction mode and emphasize on deep yet gentle brushing or sponging. As the control panel display of the car is there on the dashboard, so never miss being gentle and careful while vacuuming and brushing the board.

Step 3: Trunk

Two main steps of vacuuming a car are already described above. These two are done means you’ve almost got everything clean. Now, you can pop up your trunk and start to clean it up. There you also can use your vacuum cleaner.

You don’t need to be much careful to clean this part as no sensitive machinery is located here. As most of our luggage is put there inside the car trunk, so there you will find some dirt, mainly dust. Get the vacuum hose and provide adequate suction. The hose and vacuum will do the rest.

Step 4: Rest of the Parts

When you are rid of dust and dirt on floor mats, seats, dashboard, and trunk, you can start cleaning the other parts, especially the outer body and underneath the car. There you may apply the suction from your vacuum cleaner. Adjust the brush and suction as per necessity; you will get everything clean easily. Though, a powerful water wash-up with sponging is much appreciated there.

Last Words

Never wait to get your car dirty. Always keep your car neat and clean. And, cleaning a car is not much difficult if you are aware of it and maintain a schedule. Never forget or ignore the benefits (include health benefits) of keeping your car clean. Just get the best vacuum for car detailing and have a well-maintained car.