Everyone experiences a dead car battery at one time. While this is a pain, most people are lucky enough to get a jumpstart from another car. There are places where a person may be where there is no one around to jumpstart them. These are some ways on how to jump a car battery without another car.

Push the Car 

If a person is strong and they may have some help it may be possible to get the car started by giving it a push. The car needs to gain some momentum, and it should start up. The key should be in the ignition, and the car should be turned on. The car should be put into second gear pushed until it gains some speed. Once the car begins to move release the clutch. The transmission should give the engine a boost so it will start. This method will work on manual cars.

One Time Replacement 

If the battery is going to need to be replaced this method can help. The battery is going to need to be replaced after because this method will use any remaining juice in it. Open the hood of the car and unscrew the filler caps for each of the cells. Put one aspirin tablet on each of the cells. Close up the caps and be sure to shut the hood. Start the car right away, and the car should have enough power to start. While this method may seem untraditional, it does work.

Check the Connections 

If the battery is not strong turn off the radio and any other devices that are plugged into the car. The extra items will kill the battery. Check the battery and the connections. A connection may have come loose and will need to be tightened. Make sure the battery itself is in place securely. A
loose connection can cause the car to stop working, and it can resemble a dead battery. 

Portable Jumpstarter 

It is a good idea to carry a portable jump starter in the car. This device can be hooked up to the battery and will get it going. This is similar to the process of jumpstarting the battery with another car. These portable devices are lightweight, and they are inexpensive. They are small and compact so they are easy to store and they are small enough to keep handy. Every car should have one of these just in case of an emergency.


To help prolong the life of the battery does not leave anything plugged into the car overnight. All cell phone chargers and other items need to be unplugged. They can drain the battery even if the car is not running. Be sure to have the battery tested before the cold weather comes. Older or weak batteries will not start up in the cold.

These are some ways on how to jump a car battery without another car. While these methods may take some effort and are only temporary they can get a person to where they need to be so they can then replace the battery.


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