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Battery cleaning tips: How to clean car battery terminals

If you are a driver, you will have to agree with me at some point or another, you will get to experience difficulty starting your vehicle. What people do is to blame major parts of the car which is OK. 

But you will realize that such a frustrating event is going to emanate from car battery terminals. That is why you have to learn on how to get your terminals well cleaned and well maintained so that such a thing is never going to occur once again.

There is no need for you to get worried of how to clean your car battery; we have the remedy for you!

How to clean your car battery terminals

Just buy a cleaner spray. You will get that some will include an acid detector in the formula. These tend to take less time but you are advised to read the directions on the bottle, because each might be a bit different from another.

Another way of doing so is by the use of a terminal brush or sandpaper. That is when you realize that the buildup is too big for a toothbrush

How to clean battery terminals with baking soda

  • Turn off your car to reduce the grounding the cables
  • Determine the terminal configuration so that you are aware whether they are on the side or on top.
  • - Unfasten the cable from the post from the negative terminal first before proceeding to the positive
  • Inspect round the batt and determine whether there are cracks at all.
  • The cables and also tears should be checked for any tearing.
  • Mix 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of baking soda with 1 cup (250 ml) of very hot water.
  • To make the terminals clean try to use a toothbrush to scour the clamps and posts
  • Rinse the car energizer and also its other parts in a better and good manner.
  • Use commercial terminal protection spray or even petroleum jelly to lubricate all exposed metal parts on terminals, posts and even clamps.
  • Reattach the positive (+) and the negative (-) cables clamps to their proper terminals and then tighten them up.

How to clean battery terminals without baking soda

Try the use of plain old coffee; it works quite well. You will be needed to either dip and soak the cables in a cup of Joe, or pour it directly on the terminals.

After you are done, use a little water to wash the mess away, and you’re ready to roll.

Another easy way out is just the use a kettle of boiling water and pour it slowly over the terminals. Do it one at a time so that you are able to ensure that get water shorting the two posts. 

How to clean battery terminals with coke

  • Take a pair of gloves and the right size of a wrench.
  • Loosen each terminal slightly and do not entirely remove the cables
  • Pour cola over the car energy giver starting off from the center outward going in a straight direction.
  • Repeat the process but going in the opposite direction
  • Allow it to soak for around 2-minutes, and then rinse off with water.
  • Tighten the terminals and after you are done, try to restart your car. 

How to make car battery last longer

Ensure that you do Car battery Maintenance Regularly

You will realize that most car batteries are termed as being maintenance free. I have to assure you that it is not as true as it is said. The electrolyte in batteries of whichever kind will boil off and evaporate in due course of time.

You will realize that the usable life span of the battery is decreased. At least 2 or 3 times in a month, you should remove these 2 caps off and check their levels in each cell.

The level of the electrolyte reach the lip approximately ¾ of an inch below the cap seal, and you find that it doesn’t, add (only) distilled water or use the store bought electrolyte until you arrive at the level that is required.

Keep It Cool When Running

A car’s energy provider should not be exposed to high temperatures found under the hood for extended periods of time. Wrap it by use of temperature protectors like a blanket to evade this problem.

Always prevent your battery from freezing

There are those of us that reside in areas places that are cold frequently. The best thing that you can do is to use thermal temperature givers. It will help to guard it from the freezing and sub-freezing temperatures

Keep It Clean

As time elapses, the terminals are going to corrode and you can’t prevent it from happening. What can be done is only controlling. You can get various types of substances that you can use for cleaning the terminals. (They are discussed below).

Maintain Voltage Level

For it to be successful, you just need to regularly test it with a car power tester. It is a machine that is going to put the batt under a high output for a given time frame (30 seconds).​

When you realize that the measuring apparatus is indicating in the green side, then it still has enough power to of being in good condition.

Important Note!

  • Always wear protective gear during cleanup. It will prevent you from getting in touch with the corrosive acid that is used in the battery.
  • Avoid wearing any chains and jewelry as they can be grounded or get caught to the engine parts. 
  • Ensure that you disconnect the battery in the right manner starting off with the negative (-) terminal and finishing with the positive terminal (+). 
  • After you are done, do the reverse in connecting the terminals, starting with the positive and finish with the negative. 
  • If you want a car energy giver to provide you with the assistance that you need for a longer duration, then maintaining it is always a better thing to do. 
  • There are several ways for ensuring that the terminals are clean. It will help your car from not failing to get the right kind of energy that it needs to start and run its components.
  • Do constant checkups of the battery and you will never get stuck anywhere unlike those that don’t. always remember that maintaining anything is going to be cheaper that letting it get spoilt so that you buy a new one.
  • When you get to use the tips that we have given you above, then you will get a better service time of the energy giver in your automotive much longer.

Car Battery Drain Test: How to Find and Stop Car Battery Drains

It takes more than filling up at the local gas to keep your car running smoothly. Underneath the hood lies a battery providing a zap of electricity to start your engine and later supply the alternator.

Its other many functions include supplying power to electrical components in the car as well as stabilizing any voltage fluctuations while driving. If the battery does not work properly, then your car will not start.

Maintaining a battery in proper working order becomes a must.

What can drain a car battery when it is off?

Your key enters the ignition switch, and with a flick instead of the purring of the engine, you hear the rat-a-tat-tat sound.

Something has drained your battery.The battery has died. A battery normally performs dependably day after day. For years it will start the car in all sorts of weather.

So, what happened?

First things first check your headlights. In a rush to get home you may have simply left the headlights on.Headlights on all night will drain a car battery.

The second most common cause lists as you the car owner retrieves something from the trunk and then for whatever reason you do not shut it all the way, leaving the trunk light on all night.

Many new cars have alerts to let a car owner know this has happened. Just charge the battery, and the car will run like it did the day before. 

Car battery Drain Test

Other things can cause a car not to start. A quick way to know your battery is dead is to use a multi-meter. A multi-meter device measures electric current, sometimes resistance, and voltage.

Made to trouble shoot electrical problems, it will give a numbered read out of the state of your battery. Fitted with red and black probes simply touch the black probe to the negative battery post/cable and the red probe to the positive battery post/cable at the same time.

The digital panel or the analog scale will give a numbered read out indicating the state of the charge.

What is draining your car battery when it’s off?

After a dead battery incident and the battery becomes recharged in most cases no more problems occur. If your battery continues dying, then some other mechanism in the car drains the battery.

It means an electrical component in the car system continues to use electricity even when the car is off. This does occur somewhat with some items, but it should never drain the battery.

Why does my car battery keep dying?

If a car battery keeps dying it may be the age of your battery. Check your battery cables. Is it corroded or loose on the post? Extreme weather will affect older batteries whether hot or cold.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are more durable than the lead-acid type. Absorbed Glass Mat batteries cost more than the standard lead-acid type. If you live in an extreme weather area as in heat or cold or you do unusual heavy duty driving the absorbed glass mat may be a good choice.

What causes your battery to drain?

A host of reasons exists that drain a battery.

  • Bad charging
  • Defective alternator diode
  • A relay circuit is sticking
  • An electrical module does not go into sleep mode
  • A shorted diode is sometimes on and sometimes off

These items take a mechanic to diagnose. It may take some time to find out the problem since cars now have many diodes, circuits, and components that use a tiny bit of electrical power from the battery while the motor is off.

What causes your car battery to die?

As faithful as batteries are the number one reasons cars breakdown on the road lists as a bad battery. The battery itself can get acid stratification where the electrolytes inside separate, so the acid component of the battery does not distribute evenly.

This happens when batteries are not fully charged consistently. Which means you need to drive your car on long runs to fully charge a battery. City driving sometimes can become the problem since your battery may not fully recharge.

Relays getting stuck on a position kill batteries. Relays complete a circuit and if stuck will continuously use your battery power till exhausted.

Why your car batteries die quickly?

Premature car battery death happens from extremes. Extreme weather events such as heat or cold imbalances the electrolytes making batteries die quickly.

Also, Problems in a car’s electrical system also will make a car battery die quickly.

How to keep your car battery from dying in cold weather?

The number one call the American Automobile Association receives lists as the battery will not start in extremely cold weather.

To prevent such a problem mechanics, suggest after turning off the engine of a car and an extreme cold weather alert has posted, get towels or a blanket and cover the warm battery with it.Then close the hood. It retains the heat.IF that fails, then you get boiling water and pour on the battery to warm up battery fluids.

Do not use a blow torch or use flame directly on battery since it will catch fire. Many in northern climates recommend a battery tender that plugs into household electrical outlets and keeps a battery recharged.

How to stop car battery drain

Keep the car in good working order and do regular maintenance. Ask your mechanic, auto parts store or your oil change place to do a simple diagnostic on the vehicle.That will alert you to any potential problems.

Double check before going in for the evening that all lights are off and all doors are shut on the vehicle. Park the car in a garage or sheltered area during extreme weather conditions involving excessive heat or cold.

Have preventatives of towels, ice, hot water, or products ready just in case the battery needs a bit of help in such conditions.


Batteries rank as one of the most faithful mechanical items known. Rarely failing they are a forgotten essential workhorse of your automobile.It often comes as a surprise that a battery failed and you will feel betrayed that such a thing could happen. Fortunately, battery problems are easy to fix and low cost if you know exactly what you should do.

How long can a car sit before the battery dies

This is one of the most asked questions about cars recently as more and more people are taking public transportation in order to save on the high cost of gas and downtown parking fees. Many cities are removing public meters and forcing people into expensive high-rise parking garages.

The short answer is a little under two months. If you go beyond this the odds of your battery having the amps needed to crank the engine over and without damage to the battery is a remote possibility without following the suggestions we will outline in this article.

Today we will look at how long it will take before your battery gives up the ghost and your car wouldn't turn over without a recharge or replacement. So, let’s answer this question by asking it a different way.

How long can a car sit before the battery dies?

Depending on the vehicle, you can let your car sit for months at a time if you plan to have a storage methodology in place. Take a look at what the safe sitting time for a vehicle is.

BMW says Four weeks is the max for storage without removing the battery or putting it on some form of life support or a battery tender. The battery, if removed is good for about six weeks to 6 months. Then you need to have it recharged.

However, to be on the safe side a battery tender is your best option with the battery removed if you are planning to store your car for winter or long-term storage. Ideally, a battery that has been removed otherwise needs to be recharged every 12 weeks.

You can, of course, prepare your car before hand and then you can store it almost indefinitely, as we will show you in the next section.

How to store a car for winter?

Putting your car up for winter is not as simple as just parking in a garage or one of those storage container lots where a lot of America's put their unused goods.

However, having said that it is not rocket science either, it is just a matter of doing things in a logical manner, and your car will be ready to use the following spring no worse the wear in the process.The first thing you need to do is get any outstanding maintenance out of the way.

Fix those little things that you have been putting off, like running lights that are not working, etc.Next, get yourself an oil change to remove and contaminants inside the engine. Take the car out for a spin to let the new oil and filters flush everything out.

Make sure you change out the oil and air filter as well. Just before entering the storage area have the car waxed to protect the finish if you are planning to put a cover on the car.

Next, take your car to the gas station. Have the tires pumped up to 5 PSI over the normal readings you use usually. Have a fuel stabilizer added and then top off the tank. Take your car to its hibernation spot, then seal the vents grill, and if you like to put some mothballs in the exhaust pipe before plugging it.

You might also want to open up some baking soda and put a couple of plastic tubs of the stuff in the front and back seats. Disconnect the battery and remove it to a place where it can be put on a maintainer and finally tape off the windows to seal the insides of the vehicle.

Though, many say you should run it during the winter months. However, unless you are using a heated facility, you might be doing more damage than good by trying to turn over a winter's frozen engine.

Put your car to bed and then wait until spring and it will be ready to go for your spring, summer, and fall driving the next year.

How to store a car battery when not in use?

First of all, take the battery out of the car and store it separately in either your garage or a place where you can control the environment.Store the battery off the floor preferably on a shelf out of the reach of children.

Place a piece of plastic under the battery to protect from moisture and give it cleaning with baking soda to take off any corrosion on the terminals and neutralize and acid that may have leaked out.

Next, you'll want to provide it with some nourishment while it awaits your pleasure for spring.

How to keep a car battery charged when not in use?

You will want to check out Amazon or go to your local auto parts wholesaler and purchase a battery maintainer. It's not like your regular trickle charge as it has solid-state circuitry that monitors your battery and supplies the needed electricity that is required to keep it healthy.

How to keep a car battery charged when not in use?

You will want to check out Amazon or go to your local auto parts wholesaler and purchase a battery maintainer.

It's not like your regular trickle charge as it has solid-state circuitry that monitors your battery and supplies the needed electricity that is required to keep it healthy.

After that, all you have to do is make sure you store your battery properly, and you'll be all set and next we have same suggestions for that as well.

Car Battery Storage Tips

  • Clean the terminals before storage
  • Store in a dry well-ventilated area
  • Keep your battery in a dry place at a temperature above freezing
  • Place it on a mat that resists moisture
  • Keep the battery out of the reach of children and away from pets

You should next make sure you have stored your battery in a safe manner as noted below.

Car battery storage safety tips

  • Do not store near any heaters or open flame
  • Locate and follow all safety guideline by the manufacturer of the particular battery and the battery maintainer you are using
  • Check the date on your battery
  • Do not short the terminals together
  • Have emergency phone numbers posted where you are storing lead-acid batteries
  • Have a flush bottle filled with water or a sink nearby where flushing can occur
  • Have an acid neutralization kit or baking soda solution stored nearby

My friend Simran helped me a lot to know about this. She also write article in Sea Slug Team.

Final thoughts

Have a storage plan, take your battery out of the vehicle, and put it on a maintainer. If you do these things, you can leave your car untended for months at a time, and when you need it, you'll be able to get it running again by putting the battery back in and reversing your storage plan.

However, the key is prior planning and getting your ducks in a row first. Otherwise, your go karts or car's battery will be dead as a DODO.

Any questions regarding the post? Feel free to let us know.

Car Battery Life: How to Test a Car Battery

We've all been there – you are running late for work, and you jump into your car, turn the ignition and...nothing - your battery is dead. Before you know it, you are waiting around for your breakdown service to show up and half of the day's gone.

However, all of this hassle could be avoided by being aware of how to know if your car battery needs to be replaced. Knowing how to test a car battery can save you a lot of stress and worry, and luckily there is a simple way to carry out this quick and easy task.

Weak Car Battery Symptoms

Do you know how to identify if your car battery is going bad? Here, we look at some of the bad cells in car battery symptoms to look out for in your vehicle.

The signs of a bad car battery include:

  • Problems with backfiring
  • Dimming of the headlights while driving
  • Slow cranking when you try to start up the engine
  • Issues with the car's electrical systems
  • Car clicks or makes a whining sound instead of starting up
  • The engine light may come appear on the dashboard
  • A strange smell like rotten eggs coming from the hood of your car
  • Swelling or bulging of the battery case If your battery is more than three years old, it should also be tested as this is their average lifespan.

Why Should You Test Your Car Battery?

You should regularly test your car battery, even if it's showing no signs of failure as this will reduce the chances of experiencing a breakdown.

Finding out whether your battery requires replacing will help to save you the stress and worry of being stranded on the road as well as the expense of being towed home.

How Many Volts Should Your Car Battery Have?

If your vehicle's battery is fully charged its batteries should measure 12.6 V or higher, with a measurement of between 13.7 V and 14.7 V when the engine is running.

Your headlights will also tell you about how well your battery is charging – if they remain bright and don't change even when you rev the engine, your charging system is probably fine. If they are dim and brighten when you rev the engine, you may have a charging problem.

What is the Easiest Way To Test A Car Battery?

The easiest way to see whether a bad battery is the root cause of your car problem is to test it with a multimeter. This inexpensive and user-friendly piece of equipment will tell you quickly whether your battery is fully charged or not.

How to Check Car Battery Life With Multi-meter

Do you know how to test a car battery with a multimeter? A surprisingly large number of people have no idea how to carry out this quick and easy test, but if you're one of them, our simple guide will help you to perform this procedure.

  • Turn off your ignition.
  • Find your car's battery. Usually it will be under the hood, however, in some cases, it is in unusual locations such as in the trunk, in the wheel well or under the rear seats.
  • Set the multi-meter to 20 V.
  • Remove the positive terminal cover from your battery.
  • Connect the positive lead (which will be red) from your multimeter to the positive terminal on the battery.
  • Connect the negative lead (which will be black) from your multi-meter to the negative terminal on the battery.
  • Turn on your headlights to give the battery a light load to work with.
  • Check the reading on the multi-meter.

Is the reading between 12.4 and 12.7 V? If so, your battery is in good condition.

Is the reading under 12.4 V? You need to charge your battery.

Is the reading under 12.2 V? You need to trickle charge your battery and then re-test. If the reading remains low on retesting, replace the battery.

Is the reading over 12.9 V? Your voltage is too high and you should turn on your high beams as this will remove the excess charge. This is a sign that your alternator is overcharging your battery.​

If your reading is too low, recharge your battery by either using a portable battery charger or by jump starting your vehicle and running it at a speed of over 40 mph for at least 20 minutes.

This test tells you whether your battery has any charge left, but it does not tell you if the battery is failing. A good battery will be able to hold its charge while a bad battery will not.

What Else Should I Check?

While you are checking your vehicle's battery, you should check its terminals for any signs of corrosion or damage and inspect its case for evidence of damage.

You can clean any dirt from the battery terminals and case with a solution of baking soda and water, but remember to wear goggles and rubber gloves for your own safety when you are carrying out this task.

Checking if Your Battery is Good or Bad

Once you have recharged your battery, you can find out if your battery is good or bad by taking it to an auto parts store or garage. They can use a load tester or electronic tester to determine whether or not you need a replacement.

What if the Test Says my Battery is OK, but my Vehicle Still Won't Start?

If the multimeter's reading shows that your car's battery is functioning well, but your car still won't start up, your vehicle must have a different problem. Your starting system may have a fault, and you should arrange for your car to be taken to a garage as soon as possible.


Now you know how to test a car battery and how to know if your car battery needs to be replaced, you can quickly and easily check it at regular intervals throughout the year.

By regularly maintaining and servicing your battery you can prolong your battery's useful life.Save yourself time and money by using a multi-meter, and you'll never be stranded by the roadside again!

What do you think about the article? Still have some questions in your mind? Feel free to comment.​

Car Battery vs Marine Battery: What is the difference between them?

Are you looking to understand and differentiate car batteries and marine batteries? Well, this is your chance. Here are some insights on what they entail and how different or similar they are to one another.

Car Battery vs Marine Battery

If you are looking into the difference between marine batteries and car batteries to understand them then, first of all, you have to know what a car battery is and what a marine is.These two have the lead as the electrodes that are dipped into the electrolyte that is sulfuric acid.

It, therefore, acts as the bridge through which the charge is passed through. The marine battery has the same but with thicker lead plates and fewer than in the car battery.

Well away from the too much science, these two are also different in many ways. For instance, the car battery has a larger amount of thinner lead plates which enables it to discharge a lot of currents.

When we look at this, for the marine battery there lies the major difference as this is not the case for it. We have also seen them to be much sturdier which is ideal for them so that they can withstand the vibrations.

Can I use my car battery for my trolling motor?

You might understand a marine battery. And believe me, you are not the only one. We will try and make this better for you to understand. The one question we tend to face regularly is if you can substitute your boat battery for your car battery and what effects what that would have.

First of all, there is a big difference between the two. Interchanging them might do so well. Because as much as it might work for you, it will not be as good as having the marine battery for the boat.

The fear of the battery dying on you while still at sea is one thing we should avoid at all cost and having the car battery in place of the marine one might just cause that.

Many people try to compare both and figure out which is the best and if they can be used for the same purpose. As much as there is a construction difference in the place of the lead plates, the two have the same output and can function pretty much the same. The only adjustments are made so as to fit the battery in its intended area.

Purpose of the car battery

The car battery has been specifically made for use on the surface. The major thing is it has not been made for movements that cause major vibrations such as movements on the water.

Therefore as much as it can be interchanged there is a big risk of the battery not working very well because of the bouncing from place to place while on water.

Now that we have put that into perspective. The next question that comes very often is; can I use my marine battery in my car?

And in the same way, we answered the other one, yes you can. If it's possible to find one that fits in your car then go ahead and use it. Be careful to see it works at its best. This way there is no harm to your car or to yourself.

Car battery vs Marine battery have been a discussion that has been there for a very long time. The two are very unique yet well interchangeable batteries. When needed, there have been people who have interchanged the two and have seen them work very well.

There are also different types of these batteries. When looking for the car battery or marine battery you want to buy would you rather make sure you get the best?

There is so much information you need to have for you to make that right decision and we are here to help you through all that. We strive to ensure people get the right batteries for their cars or their boats.And in that case, let’s look at some very interesting types of these batteries to understand the various types and how they will work for you.

When looking for marine batteries you should know that there are three types of them. These include Cranking Amp battery- one mainly used for starting. These batteries have been designed to flow a lot of power through very fast to start up the engines.

Deep cycle battery

this is used for allowing the various parts of the boat to remain on while the engine is shut.Gel cell battery- this has gel inside as the electrolyte. The gel will be good for you as it does not leak hence it is preferred for boats.

I now hope that with this understanding the choice of which battery you should buy will be a bit easier and you will understand which the best one for you. Other than that there are very many types and brands of these batteries in the market.

Luckily it is now easy to get the information you need to know these batteries from the internet or from some pages like ours or from the sellers you will buy from.

Either way, it is very wise for you to know what you are buying, don’t you think?And in that case, the many brands that have produced these batteries also come with manuals that help you understand everything better.

Well, don’t you think this is just great? Now you are closer to knowledge on these batteries than you could ever imagine. Deciding which one to choose and use will now be very easy and fast.


Remember! Your car or your boat are your investments and they are very important. You need to take great care of them and give them the right treatment. Because of that, you should use the right batteries for them to function at their peak and best at all times.

The whole point is having them at their best. To this point, I hope it is clear how the two function and what is unique about each one of them. The other part is you are able to buy and use them as they should be.

What do you think about the article?​ Still have some questions in your mind? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.